NaverWebtoon for iOS

  What I did

Added new features to the webtoon app for iOS that has 8.8 million MAU and continued to stabilize it.
• Create the webtoon app for iOS and launched it in Japan using an existing Korean project.
• Implemented the new feature to download and save webtoon contents in advance so that can be watched them even offline.
• Implemented the feature to prevent copyrighted webtoon contents from being stored in iCloud and locally.

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  What is Naver Webtoon app ?

This is an app that allows you to conveniently view comics and webtoons published on Naver anytime, anywhere. You can easily sort webtoons by update/rating/the number of clicks.

You can also search webtoons in an easy manner by title, webtoonist. Up to 48 hours, you can view your favorite webtoons offline.

If you subscribe a webtoon that you like, you can check out the latest information from [MyPage] > [Subscribed Webtoon].