OK Cashbag for iOS

  What I did

Created the iOS apps for OK Cashbag services which has 8.1 million DAU and led the development process and iOS developers.
• led the iOS team in a project to completely destroy the existing app and renew it with a new app, and successfully launched it.
• Made the networking library standard for my team by customizing the AFNetworking library to prevent code fragmentation.
• Defined OpenURLScheme and created basic prototype that works with the in-app browser in the app.
• Created cutom library for animation and parsing APNS data for my team.
• Applied Touch ID, a new authentication method at the time.
• Created a BLE-based advertising pop-up marketing feature that communicates with the affiliated store's beacon.
• In 2015, my company, SK acquired ShopKick Inc in the US, created the ShopKick Companion app for iOS to help local team set up merchant beacons.

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  What is OK Cashbag app ?

OK Cashbag(OK캐쉬백) is a membership reward program offered by SK Planet. It provides points that can be used like cash when buyers purchase affiliated stores or related products.

The reward points expire in 60 months from your last activity date. As long as you keep them active, the points will not expire. The reward points can be withdrawn in cash once they have accumulated more than 50,000 won. or, you can use it like cash when purchasing products at any affiliated store.