Whealthy for Web

  What I did

Led the entire website development project as senior developer. Worked with planners and UI designers, setting up collaboration tools and leading related communications.
• Built and managed working infrastructures such as a web server, domain, MySQL, AWS, Git, Jira.
• Implemented the website and backend API from scratch.

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  What is Whealthy Restaurant ?

Whealthy offers a unique fusion food experience with innovative rotating firepots. The owner of Whealthy was part of a group of inventors that invented the "auto-wok," the turning wok that you see on our website. Our auto-wok machine is patented and allows us to cook healthy stir fry food fast. Grab a quick bite to eat with Whealthy with our easy-to-use system. You walk into any of our locations and choose between our stainless steel bowl or cup options. Choose from one of our signature menu items, or fill your bowl with whatever you want and hand the food to the cook. Watch your food cook in the auto-wok and be amazed how quickly it takes to turn around so you can enjoy a delicious, hot meal in a few minutes. Whealthy originally opened in 2017 in West Hollywood, and since then, we have seen booming success. "Wok" in and visit us at any of our locations in California today!

  Health For The Community

Whealthy is dedicated to providing our community with a healthy option for quick food. We strive to cook with the freshest ingredients we can find to create dishes that retain substantially more nutrients than processed foods. Fresh ingredients provide robust flavors and more disease-fighting nutrients. Our cooking method is at the intersection of innovation and health. We've developed a one-of-a-kind method with our Whealthy rotating firepots. Each meal is created with perfect portions for the ultimate culinary creation. We provide our customers with plant-based options. Why? Because we prioritize health. Plant-based meals support the immune system, are low in saturated fats, and the vitamins and antioxidants in plants help keep your body in balance. We keep sustainability at the top of our minds because we deeply respect our planet. We are continuously looking for opportunities to create responsible cycles of production and consumption.