Blind for iOS

  What I did

Added the new feature and improved the UI and UX such as visualization of an existing iOS app.
• Improved the UI and UX of the iOS app that has 9.2 million MAU.
• Implemented the Total Compensation feature and added visualizations using charts and graphs.
• Implemented the Jobs and Recruiting feature with different search filters.
• Applied the Coordinator pattern and Clean Code based on MVVM.

Youtube Demo & Video (Demo for Total Compensation) (Demo for Jobs & Filters) (Video)

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  What is Blind app

Blind is a professional community where verified employees have honest conversations anonymously about their work-life challenges.
Blind has more than 9 million verified professionals at more than 300,000 companies, including:
• 80% of all Uber employees
• 70% of all corporate Amazon and Apple employees
• 60% of all Meta and Microsoft employees
• 30% of all Google employees

Things you can do on Blind:

Lots of channels to choose from
Whether you are into trending tech news, salary negotiations, job opportunities, interview preparation or series of posts around layoffs and referrals, there's a channel on Blind for you.

Get real with your coworkers
Be a part of the private company channel and talk about layoffs, hiring freezes, re-org, performance reviews, bonuses, company benefits, WFH, stocks, all-hands, and more.

Ask questions that you’re too afraid to ask your manager
If you need help with tough work situations, salary comparisons, career advice, offer evaluation, resume feedback, etc., you are not alone. Get real feedback and insights.

Aiming for that dream job?
See what the verified employees of your dream company are talking about, by following the company and get an insider scoop.

Do you want to know if you are underpaid?
Leverage Blind’s salary comparison tool and understand how much you are worth for a specific job function across the country.

Stay connected with fellow professionals
Have private conversations with anyone on Blind via direct messages. Reach out about referrals, interview experience, company culture, and more.